2014 Quilty Resolutions

I should really not bother making resolutions. I think we can see from yesterday’s post that I don’t do well at keeping resolutions. I think I rebel against the expectations I put on myself. I guess we’ll see how that really goes this year. I may carry over a few resolutions.

1.  Complete at least 2 of the 4 BOMs I have going. (Yep, I really am going for this.)
a. American Beauty BOM     This one is destined for my basement guest room bed.
b. 2009 Designer Mystery BOM     This one is mine! I’m not sure I can get it finished this year though since I’m handquilting it.
c. 2011 Designer Mystery BOM     I have plans for this one but they are way off in the future.
d. 2012 Designer Mystery BOM    I just like the colors in this one so it is well worth finishing.

2.   Complete the Wedding Quilt for my daughter and her husband before their first anniversary which is July 20.

3.   Do some free motion quilting on one small project     I know I’ll finish this one because I want to test out the best washing and drying for the wool batting in the above quilt. And I found the Christmas table runner too, so I’d like to have that to use next Christmas.

4.   Complete the two Christmas tree skirts for my daughters before Thanksgiving.

5.   Complete the studio (aka family room) reorganization

6.   Complete the Falling Charms Quilt that is currently on the design wall.

7.  Try some machine appliqué. I have a surefire plan for this one which I’ll tell you about in the next post or two.


How about you? Do you have some quilty resolutions for this year?

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “2014 Quilty Resolutions

  1. Nope, no resolutions for me. I’ll get done whatever I get done resolution or not. Simple :))) Can you tell I’m not a resolution maker/keeper myself? :)) Happy 2014 Gretchen!

    • I agree with you about resolutions. Why put limits on our creativity? Plus, I don’t like the idea of being told “what to do” – even if I’m the one doing the telling. :))

  2. I think we all know I have resolutions! Although this year mine are more focii than a distinct task list–areas I want to focus on. I’m already making progress….

  3. I’m with you on the resolutions! I haven’t really made any quilty resolution this year. Since I will be starting a class for work that will take up most of my free time from February through July, I really can’t think much past that right now. I hope I get some time to sew during that time, or I certainly will be cranky! Good luck with your list!

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