2015 Quilty Resolutions

Sandy of the Quilting for the Rest of Us podcast & blog is urging us to choose one thing we’ve wanted to do or learn for a very long time and use that as our quilty resolution, with an optional addition of a word for the year, so I will address those two things first. Then, of course, I will add some of my own because I feel the need to do that!

My one thing is free motion quilting. I know I’ve wanted to work on that and learn to feel comfortable with it ever since I realized I am beginning to get arthritis in my hands. I have had free motion quilting on my resolution lists for many years and have taken classes in person and on Craftsy, but I never seem to do it. So, there’s that.

I am stealing my one word from the author Marie Bostwick, although she gave me permission so I guess that doesn’t count as stealing. My word for this year is attuned. I want to be attuned to so much on so many levels. Attuned to the moods and feelings of my family. Attuned to my quilts and what they are trying to tell me about next steps to take with them. Attuned to that still small voice of God speaking to me in my Bible study and prayer life (and daily life). Attuned to the world around me and the opportunities to help and appreciate everyone and everything. So, yes, attuned is my word for 2015.F

Now that I’ve done that, let me tell you about my own other quilty resolutions for this new year.

  1. I am going to finish the American Beauty BOM by my birthday at the end of May. Really! It’s a done deal. I’m even going to enter it in my LQS UFO contest so maybe it will actually be completed by March!
  2. I am going to complete at least one other BOM from the following list:
    1. 2009 Designer Mystery BOM
    2. 2011 Designer Mystery BOM
    3. 2012 Designer Mystery BOM
    4. 2014 Designer Mystery BOM
  3. Once I feel a bit confident with the aforementioned free motion quilting, I am going to complete my oldest UFO. (I don’t have pictures of this yet so I can’t include them.)
  4. I am going to begin at least one of the two projects for which I have been collecting special fabrics. I won’t be able to post pictures of one of them until completion and gifting. Sorry.
  5. I am going to complete the deconstruction of my wedding gown. I began this in order to give my daughter some lace for her wedding bouquet and decided I wanted to save all of the little lace pieces but it has been sitting around for awhile, waiting for me to finish.

I will put a section for an abbreviated version of these in the sidebar as soon as possible.

Books on Monday will be back on Monday!

Quilt on!