A Bit More Catching Up

Another finish! That makes 5 since June! I never do this! I usually just start stuff and finish them in dribbles, one or two a year! (The one or two a year are the finishes, not the starts unfortunately!)

This finish was very predictable. It is the Carpenter’s Star Christmas Tree Skirt for my youngest daughter and her husband.



I am pretty sure I am never making another Christmas tree skirt! Trying to sew the binding around the hole in the middle is not the least bit fun and it didn’t turn out very well either. Also, the greater than 90 degree angles and I did not do as well as I had hoped we would after I watched every video I could find. It might have helped if I hadn’t bound it in the same Fairy Frost as the snow colored parts of the quilt because that is a very thick fabric and a bit tough to manipulate and ease into things.

I will be handing off the two Christmas tree skirts on Friday. Just to remind you how different the tastes of my two daughters is, here is another picture of the eldest daughter’s Christmas tree skirt:


At the risk of offending either of my daughters (or my son-in-law), I have very different feelings about these two tree skirts. I am very proud of having actually been able to make the Christmas Celebration tree skirt for my eldest daughter. I think it looks elegant and like it was much more difficult to make than it really was. I had fun making my youngest daughter’s and son-in-law’s tree skirt and it makes me smile to look at it. It feels bright, Christmasy and homey to me.

And now, maybe you know whose tastes are more like mine. 😉

I also completed Block 5 of the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. I do love these colors!


And I got a very small start on Quilting Monkey #1 – The American Beauty BOM. Back in April of 2012 I posted about having assembled these setting triangles for the 12 blocks and how I needed to trim them. Last night I trimmed the first two. The template is very slippery so I’m not very excited about doing the rest, but it will make a nice leaders and enders project to sew them onto the blocks.


Other than that, most of the quilting I’ve been doing is hand quilting the church quilt, which is really not very likely to get finished in time this year. Too much other stuff going on!

How’s your quilting going?

Quilt on!

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