Books on Monday – An Amish Adventure

Today we are looking at the second edition of An Amish Adventure: A Workbook for Color in Quilts by Roberta Horton. Below is an Amazon Associate link (which helps support this blog).

I bought this book during the most recent C&T sale on their website. I think it is definitely a keeper, although I have not yet done more with it than read. (It’s busy season here – with church quilting sessions and my own projects to finish up.) However, I have already learned quite a bit, so that’s always a good thing.

This book is made up of a very educational introduction and eleven lessons. Each lesson contains some exercises to complete.

  • Introduction – This covers some history of the Amish and where they came from and a bit about the colors used in their quilts.
  • Lesson 1: Nine-Patch – Exercise #1 is “Playing with Background” and Exercise #2 is “Sparkle” (which I so far do not get, but I haven’t actually played with it yet so maybe…
  • Lesson 2: Roman Stripes – Exercise #1 is “Standard Roman Stripes,” Exercise #2 is “Roman Stripes on Point,” Exercise #3 is Bull’s-Eye Roman Stripes,” and Exercise #4 is “Chevron Roman Stripes.”
  • Lesson 3: Bricks – Exercise #1 is “Bricks” and that is all there is.
  • Lesson 4: Sunshine and Shadow- Exercise #1 is “Shading (Method #1),” Exercise #2 is “Shading (Method #2),” and Exercise #3 is “Diamond Grid.”
  • Lesson 5: Diamond is all one exercise and is followed by some lovely color pictures of Amish style quilts.
  • Lesson 6: Bars – Exercise #1 is “Standard Bars,” Exercise #2 is “Split Bars,” Exercise #3 is “Chinese Coins,” and Exercise #4 is “Roman Coins.”
  • Lesson 7: Repeat Blocks – Exercise #1 is “Adjacent Blocks,” Exercise #2 is “Lattice,” Exercise #3 is “Alternate Blocks,” and Exercise #4 is “New Directions.”
  • Lesson 8: Baskets – Exercise #1 is “Identical Coloration,” Exercise #2 is “Rows of Color,” Exercise #3 is “Variation Within the Block.” and Exercise #4 is “Background Pattern.”
  • Lesson 9: Challenge – Exercise #1 is “Checkerboard,” Exercise #2 is “Barn Raising,” Exercise #3 is “Interior Illumination,” and Exercise #4 is “Cross-in-the-Square.”
  • Lesson 10: Ocean Waves – Exercise #1 is “Standard Variation,” Exercise #2 is “Variation Two,” and Exercise #3 is “Variation Three.”
  • Lesson 11: Quilting – This is all one section.
  • Appendix – Covers drafting, quick piecing, construction of the top, and quilting.
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author

And there you have it!

Quilt on!

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  1. Reading about the history would be enough I think to get the book. I’ll have to see if it is available at my local library. Thanks Gretchen.

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