Books on Monday – Beyond Neutral

Today we are looking at Beyond Neutral: Quilts Inspired by Nature’s Elements by John Q. Adams, AKA Quilt Dad. As usual, the link below is an Amazon associate link which could help support this blog if you so choose. It is certainly worth looking on because the Look Inside feature gives you a good look at some of the quilt patterns in this book.

Let me start this by saying this is a book of beautiful modern quilt patterns. And, yes, there are a few I may want to make someday even though I really do not consider myself a modern quilter by most definitions. Okay, now that that is out of the way, lets look at a few specifics.

The book is divided into five main sections corresponding to the different elements of nature that inspired the quilts. Those sections are:

  1. Wind and Sky
  2. Earth
  3. Water
  4. Leaves and Grass
  5. Lava, Coral and Stone

Each section contains 2-4 quilt patterns, and in most cases it is easy to see why the quilts are in the sections they are in. All of the quilts but one are twin or throw sized quilts. The other is double or queenish sized. The quilts in the book are colorful and modern looking (I know I mentioned that before), with large motifs that invite fancier machine quilting than I can do at this time!

Other than the five sections mentioned earlier, this book has an Introduction, Acknowledgments, and About the Author sections. There are no general quilting instructions, but I don’t feel like every quilting book needs that section. There are tips and suggestions within each pattern though, which I always enjoy.

There you have today’s book review! If you are looking for some vibrant modern quilt patterns, I highly suggest this book!

Quilt on!