Books on Monday – Cookies ‘n’ Quilts

Yep, I still have new-to-me Judy Martin books I’ve not yet reviewed. So for the second Monday in a row, we have Judy Martin. This one is called Cookies ‘n’ Quilts: Recipes & Patterns for America’s Ultimate Comforts and includes (in case you haven’t guessed already) cookie recipes as well as quilt patterns.

This book is a bit newer than last week’s book, a 2001 copyright to be exact. Judy’s usual detailed directions are included, for both the cookies and the quilts. The book begins with the cookie recipes, complete with a couple of pages of general cookie baking tips and tricks. There are detailed recipes for eleven different kinds of cookies, all yummy-sounding.

Next comes the quilts section, beginning with some general directions and rotary cutting techniques. One of the things I like best about Judy Martin’s books (have I mentioned this before) is that her quilts are meant to be scrappy and I have lots of scraps to use! Fat quarter collections really provide those! They are usually pretty big quilts also, or there are directions for multiple sizes. I’m not sure why I prefer to make bed quilts, but I do. Maybe it’s because I don’t really have a lot of wall space for quilts because. I don’t know.

Whatever the case, there are several quilts I want to make in here also. I guess I’d better get busy! (As far as the cookies go, I’m not sure who would help me eat them – and I don’t need to eat more cookies!)

Quilt on!