Books on Monday – Fat Quarter Winners

A while back, I reviewed Monique Dillard’s book Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts: 11 Traditional Quilt Projects From Open Gate. Today I am looking at her earlier book, Fat Quarter Winners: 11 New Quilt Projects from Open Gate.

First of all, let me just say that I am glad that I can imagine quilts in different fabrics, because the quilts in this book seem to be made in dark repro types of fabrics. They just aren’t me, colorwise. However, they are really great quilts, so, as with the previous book I reviewed, I can picture myself making many of these quilts. But I get ahead of myself.

This book begins with an introduction, followed by some general instructions in making some of the more common units – half square triangles, flying geese and square in a square units, to be specific. Then it’s right into the quilts, all named after card games. There is only one that I don’t think I would make, although I must confess that I looked for a long time and was not able to find a real difference between Rummy and Gin Rummy, at least not at some of the alternate sizes. But that isn’t really important. And the final section of the book is a brief section of quiltmaking basics.

As with the book which I reviewed previously, there are instructions for alternate sizes for almost all of the quilts in this book. I really appreciate that in a book. I like some flexibility in my patterns. Flexibility that does not require me to do math. (Lazy, I know!) And, as I mentioned earlier, I really like these quilts. All are made from fat quarters and I have a lot of those! Which I need to use up. Soon. After I get caught up on all the things I mentioned here in a recent post.

Quilt on!