Books on Monday: Free-Motion Machine Quilting

Today’s topic is once again free-motion quilting, and the book we are looking at is Free-Motion Machine Quilting: From Practice to Perfection — Troubleshooting Guide — 50+ Designs by Don Linn. Yes, the gratuitous Amazon Affiliate link is below. (Aren’t the colors of the cover and the quilt on the cover so gorgeous? Yeah, that alone would have hooked me, I’m afraid. I’m too easy!)

I am beginning to think that one can never have too many free-motion quilting books or Craftsy classes! Seriously. Of course, maybe one should quit quilting vicariously through books and classes and actually get to work on really doing it. Soon now, I promise. But I digress from the purpose of this post.

I have been enjoying this book. I am planning my practice exercises and am happy to note that I already have most of the materials for those. And yes, I really do plan on doing this in the near future. Honest.

This book really did almost have me heading downstairs to start right away. I like the way it is organized. I like the cover design (and colors as I may have already mentioned) and the book designs and the practice exercises and…

Okay, you get the idea. I think this is going to be a very helpful book. I think I’m going to use it a lot. And now, let’s look at the sections in this book.

  • Beginning stuff – Dedication, Acknowledgments, and Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Tools, Supplies, and Workspace
  • Chapter 2 – Free-Motion Quilting – The Basics
  • Chapter 3 – Learning to Draw and Stitch Designs
  • Chapter 4 – Design Choices and Marking Tips (I’m especially excited about the section on making your design fit your borders.)
  • Ending Stuff – Quilt Gallery, Quilting Designs Gallery, and About the Author

Yes, I like the looks of this book. Now if I can just get it in gear to actually do it!

Quilt on!