Books on Monday – Mi Amor Legacy Appliqué

Today we are looking at a book that I’ve avoided for awhile, but I finally caved and bought it. Today’s book is Mi Amor Legacy Appliqué by Margarete Heinisch. The link below is, as usual, an Amazon Associate link which will help to support this blog.

The appliqué in this book is amazing! The embellishment of the appliqué blocks is stunning, too. I am in awe of Ms. Heinisch’s accomplishment. I’m pretty sure I will never attempt to duplicate it, nor should I (or could I – I don’t have that much patience!). But if you like Baltimore Album types of quilts, this book is worth a look.

Ms. Heinisch designed and made the quilt in this book for her daughter and son-in-law in celebration of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. She designed it with symbols that have meaning to them, making it a very personal quilt. Yes, many of the blocks are universal in nature, but it would seem too much like I was making someone else’s quilt if I tried them (after undergoing a personality transplant that would enable me to do such awesome and amazing work, that is). But, oh, I’d love to see this in person and spend hours staring at it!

Remember, I am not an appliqué quilter. I admire appliqué greatly, but so far I have been too big a wimp to try it. Maybe that influences how I feel about this book. I do appreciate Ms. Heinisch’s generosity in sharing this quilt and these blocks with us. I just don’t picture myself making them.

The book starts with a picture of the full quilt opposite the Table of Contents. (Yes, it took me several minutes to even look at the Table of Contents, because I was enjoying the quilt so much.) Here’s what follows in the book:

  • The Inspiration You Know – the Inspiration I Sew – This section describes how the quilt came to be.
  • General Instructions – This includes the fabric requirements for the quilt, additional supplies needed, fabric shortcuts, reverse appliqué, embroidery stitches, ways to make stems and more. It is not instructions for making a quilt in general, but let’s be real – no beginner in their right mind would attempt this as a first quilt.
  • The Blocks – There are 16 of them. The author describes the meaning behind each one in addition to adding the necessary information to make them. (There is a CD-ROM in the back of the book with the appliqué pieces to be printed.
  • Flowers and Their Meanings – These are listed by block.
  • About the Author

So check it out if only to look at the beautiful blocks.

Quilt on!