Books on Monday – Modern Quilts & More

Thanks to the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Week, I have a brand new book to cover. Well, brand new to me, that is. Today we are looking at Modern Quilts & More by Kimberly Einmo. And, yes, that is an Amazon Affiliate link below.

First, let’s talk about the quilts in this book. Yes, they are all very modern looking. Yes, I marked every one of them. Will I make any just like in the book? Probably not, although Orange Zest, Modern T’s, and Saturated Color Play are tempting. Will I keep this book? Oh, yeah! The inspiration level is very high here. Also, there is a lot of great information here, even if you aren’t making any of the quilts. (I’m so sorry that Amazon doesn’t allow you to look inside this one!)

I purchased this during my first Kimberly Einmo class last week, and fellow Twilter Carole and I looked at it while awaiting the arrival of our dinner. One of the things we liked best about this book was the comments from the quilters of each quilt describing how and why they chose the quilting for the quilt. Also, you get a lot of description from Kimberly, with top tips and other very useful information (like how to add a good hanging sleeve) in addition to the excellently written directions.

Here is how the book is laid out:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Modern Quilts at a Glance
  • Get Ready – Before You Begin!
  • Get Set
  • Sew Modern Quilts (16 of them)
  • Resource Guide
  • About the Author

Some of the resources mentioned in the Resource Guide will be showing up in a future post about my time at the show so stay tuned, and

Quilt on!

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