Books on Monday – Quilts from the Heart II

As I promised last week, this week we are looking into Quilts from the Heart II by Karin Renaud, and, yes, that is once again an Amazon Associate link below.

This book is focused more on the quilts and the memories they evoke than on the specifics of making quilts for donation. Each quilt has a little information about what memories it brings to the author’s mind.  These quilts are also not rated by skill level, but they do appear a bit more complicated than those in Quilts from the Heart.

This book starts with an “Introduction” and then the “Quiltmaking Basics” section, once again a very thorough one. Then it is right to the 18 beautiful quilts. Yes, I marked almost all of them. And I can see me making them all. They are also scrappy, as in the first book.

If you can only buy one of these two books, this one is my favorite!

Quilt on!

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