Books on Monday – Row Quilts

This week we are looking at the book Row Quilts, Longitudes & Latitudes by Annie’s (which is also the publisher). Amazon Associate link is below:

Make sure you look at the inside of this book so that you see some of the quilts. This is a book of quilt patterns. It contains an Introduction, the 10 quilt patterns, a section on Finishing Your Quilt, Special Thanks, and Supplies. If you need basic quilting information, use a different book to start out.

Many of the patterns in this book appear to be assembled in vertical, instead of horizontal rows. There are a couple of patterns that would be great for large scale prints. I’m a big fan of the cover quilt, but my favorite is the quilt called Stardom. (Predictably, there are stars in this quilt & if you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know how much I love stars.)

One of the quilts is called Thomas Goes Fishing and features many fish. I’m not a big fan of fish quilts, but this pattern gives an option for paper pieced flowers that really caught my eye. I appreciated the option. It may actually be one of the first quilts I make from this book!

Quilt on!

One thought on “Books on Monday – Row Quilts

  1. I love the cover quilt. And there are some interesting ones, I saw the fishy quilt, but didn’t see any paper pieced flowers on it. Hmm 🙂

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