Books on Monday – Star Quilts

I try hard (well, within reason, of course) not to buy too many books without considering the purchase for a few days before actually purchasing. This book is one which I purchased totally on impulse and without deep thought and consideration. What book is that? Best of Fons & Porter: Star Quilts.

Maybe the word “star” gave you an idea of why I purchased this book. Or, of course, the cover quilt! The quilts I could see from the Look Inside also pulled me in. Yeah, I’m a star addict. In my eyes, any quilt with a star in it is a couple notches prettier than a quilt without stars.

And, yes, I marked almost every pattern in this book as one I would like to do one day. Seriously. I’m guessing I won’t actually make them all (surprise, surprise!), but at least they are marked just in case.

The quilts in this book are all designed by people whose names are recognizable if you have been around awhile and paid attention to who designed that pattern you are making. There’s a quilt by John Flynn, one by Sally Collins, one by Marsha McCloskey, one by Marti Michell, one by Dereck Lockwood, one by Pat Sloan – to name a few.

This book, in addition to all those lovely star patterns, also has tips throughout – some very good ones – and the obligatory General Instructions section.

Now, back to the cover quilt that sucked me in originally. I knew it vaguely resembled a pattern from this book by Judy Martin which I reviewed here:

It is done in a greater variety of colors than the one I was reminded of, and I do love the look of this one. Upon opening the book I discovered that this is the first pattern in the book and, yes, it was designed by Judy Martin. Maybe I should just go on a quest to make every Judy Martin quilt ever designed with stars in it and then I’ll be a happy woman.

Or not. After all, there were many other star quilts in this book that I want to make. Sigh. I guess all I can do is

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Books on Monday – Star Quilts

  1. Yup, Judy Martin loves stars. She says almost any quilt can be improved by a sprinkling of stars. Or something like that. That’s assuming it is non star to begin with I guess. Another interesting book, Gretchen. I’m enjoying this series!

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