Books on Monday – The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips

This post is a bit later than I usually post on Mondays. Sorry! So let’s get to it!

Today we are looking at The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips by Ebony Love.

You may be acquainted with some of Ebony Love’s videos on her YouTube channel. I’m especially fond of her die cutting videos. As I expected, this book does not disappoint, starting with the the spiral binding. This is a plus in case I wanted to use the book as a reference while actually doing some die cutting.

As for the contents of the book, this book is very thorough.

  • The first section is “All About Die Cutters” and covers them thoroughly, with descriptions of several Accuquilt and Sizzix die cutters.
  • The second section is “All About Dies” and does a similarly thorough job of describing the different types of dies, their construction, use and care.
  • The third section is “All About Consumables.” Those are the mats, trays and adapters. Since they are consumables, the section also includes tips on when it is time to replace them. (I was glad to see these tips, since I frequently wonder about when I should be replacing my mats!)
  • Next section – “All About Cutting,” the section we’ve all been waiting for. This section covers best practices of cutting and how to minimize fabric waste.
  • The final sections are “All About the EDeN System” (that stands for Equivalent Die Notation System), “Beyond the Cut,” “Storage and Maintenance,” and “Resources” (which has some other video resources in addition to Ebony Love’s videos and other resources). There are also some pages for you to write your own tips after each section and a section of those pages after the resources.

I am not yet finished reading this book, but I am learning a lot about my die cutter and how to use it. I recommend this book for anyone who has a die cutter or plans to get one.

Quilt on!