Books on Monday – Triple-Play Scrap Quilting

This week we are looking at Triple-Play Scrap Quilting: Planned, Coordinated, and Make-Do Styles by Nancy Allen.

Nancy Allen worked hard on this book. It contains 9 quilts, each of which she made in three different styles. That’s the first thing I have to say about this book. But only the first.

What I liked best about the book (isn’t that one of the things teachers wanted you to put in your book reports) is her beginning section where she describes her definition of the three ways to make scrap quilts: make-do, coordinated (think pre-cuts here) or planned scrappy styles. She explained these very well and then went on to describe how she builds her fabric stash to make all these different kinds of quilts. I especially appreciated the fact that she points out that with a little effort any quilt pattern can be made in a scrappy style. She then goes on to a section on how to make the best basic blocks and another on finishing options. I liked all these sections and found them interesting and well-written.

Then it is on to the scrappy quilts! First, let me say that my scraps are in very different colorways than most of her scraps. Second, let me say that there are many very attractive quilts in this book, but I’m not sure that there are very many I would really want to make. That is not to say they are not attractive, just that I don’t feel a strong desire to make them.

All that to say, I really appreciate this book and the examples of different ways to make scrappy quilts. I greatly appreciate the knowledge I have after reading this book. (Note: if you are looking for hints on how to cut up and store scraps, this is not the book for you. This is more about using the scraps than about storing them.) But I think I will take this knowledge and use it to make different scrappy quilts. Well, maybe I’d make A Star is Born or Best Friends forever. (And if you were looking at those you would know that there are stars in each of those quilts. Hmmmm. A theme.)

Quilt on!

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  1. Very nice quilt book. I will use this book. Part of the quilts are not too hard but are still beautiful. I am anxous to try the method of using my regular cotton fabrics along with the batiks. It should make an interesting quilt.

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