Books on Monday, Week 2

Yep, I changed the name of this to Books on Monday. The acronym for it is so quilterly, I couldn’t resist. So sue me.

Today’s book is an oldie, but new to me.

My copy was purchased used on and is copyrighted 1995. The link above says it was published in 2010, which may be an updated version. I was attracted to this book because I love the look of a Mariner’s Compass quilt, and I am anxious to make one someday.

This is a very thorough book! Judy Mathieson includes chapters on Planning Your Quilt, Drafting the Pattern (she says Mariner’s Compasses are very easy to draft), Fabric Selection, and Construction. The final chapter (Patterns) contains 14 different patterns made using various construction techniques.

I enjoyed this book and will enjoy it even more when I get a chance to try out some of these techniques. I am considering also purchasing her more recent Mariner’s Compass book

to learn even more ways to construct these impressive quilts. It appears to include more paper piecing, which makes sense since I think it was pretty new in 1995. If I actually do purchase it, I may do a review on it also.

One thought on “Books on Monday, Week 2

  1. Lovely book, I have her show taped back when She was on Simply Quilts. She does gorgeous work! And I also love Mariner’s Compass, it’s such a pretty design! Hope you’ll get to make one, I’m totally planning on it too 🙂 In the future. Not the near one though… 🙂

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