Books on Monday – Week 7

This week’s book is Stellar Quilts by Judy Martin. It is not a new book, but since I have been spending a lot of time with it and the quilts it contains are some of my favorites, I thought I’d talk about it here.

Maybe you’ve seen pictures of the Best in Show winner at last year’s AQS Grand Rapids show, Maritime in Red. That is a red version of the first quilt in this book, Maritime. And, of course, you’ve already seen pictures of my version of Aegean Sea, AKA the Wedding Quilt. Those are just two of the beautiful quilts in this book, many of which are on my to do list (including Maritime).

As you may have guessed from the title, this book is all about quilts with stars, amazing quilts with stars. Most of the quilts have directions for making them in several sizes, a feature I always like in a book. Many of them have alternate block settings also and some alternate color ideas. Another big plus.

However, most of these quilts are not for the beginning quilter. There is a log cabin quilt and, frankly, the Aegean Sea quilt I’m working on is technically one of the easiest, with no templates to use. I think if I am making (or when I am making) some of the other quilts, I will make paper piecing templates and do it that way. Judy Martin includes URLs for the paper templates to download in the book. She also includes many helpful hints and detailed directions for basic quilting and for the individual quilts.

I originally bought this book because I loved the quilts. At the time, it was mostly for eye candy, because I was pretty sure all the quilts were too hard for me. Now I’m being a little more daring since I have almost completed one of them! There are several I have my eye on now!

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “Books on Monday – Week 7

  1. She is an incredible quilter. This book is in our guild library. it is well written. I just pulled another of her books off my bookshelf a few days ago.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know you were making your quilt from this book. Her red quilt is amazing, I love the sashing pattern that surrounds all the stars. Brilliant. Thank you for reviewing this book, I’ll put it on my list :))

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