Catch Up time

I think it is time to play a little bit of catch up here! Remember the Books on Monday post that didn’t happen because of an impromtu visit to DisneyWorld with my eldest daughter? Well, here is a little bit of what happened since then.

We only spent two days in the parks – Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I’m not going to bore you with lots of pictures of what is in those parks, but I am going to just mention a couple of the places we ate. Since there were only two of us, we did a bit of splurging.

We had dinner on our day at the Magic Kingdom at Be Our Guest, the restaurant in the Beast’s castle. Reviews claim that it is the best food at DisneyWorld and I agree. (Reservations are a must! We felt fortunate to have scored some!

This is how the napkins are folded! Anyone know how to do this?


Here is a fairly dark picture of the dining hall:


And here is the view out the window next to me (apparently it is always winter at the Beast’s!):


At the Hollywood Studios, we ate at the Hollywood Brown Derby. The food was pretty good but I think we were both disappointed in our choice of sandwich. We were not disappointed in the dessert we shared though!


While walking around (19,449 steps according to my FitBit) the Magic Kingdom, I had a phone call from my longarmer. Falling Charms was ready to be picked up! When I got home, I picked up the quilt and it is seriously all I can do to keep from running downstairs, trimming it up and binding it.


Also, my prize (yes, I’m a winner) from Very Lazy Daisy arrived yesterday!


I think I need to practice free motion quilting a lot before I quilt this gorgeous top!

And, last but not least, a Wedding Quilt update! I have begun to quilt the borders!


This is good because their anniversary is the 20th and I promised! Also, the official moving date for moving into the home they have purchased is July 26th. I’ll be out of town but I’ve already been instructed to make sure that Daddy brings the quilt so that it’s there for their first night in their very own home.

You can picture me hand quilting my fingers to the bone!

Quilt on!

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