Catching Up

I’m afraid I’ve been slacking as a blogger and been more absent than usual from social media lately. So what have I been doing?

Well, the biggest time commitment has been putting together the church auction quilt. Our goal this year was to make a more modern looking quilt that includes enough different colors so that it will go with almost any color decor. This is one colorful quilt! Here is the center of the quilt:


Today I finished adding the three borders to the quilt (thanks to Amazing Amy’s ironing skills) but I didn’t have any space big enough to lay it all out with the borders, so here are a few shots. Please note that the outer border sort of fades into the carpet.

Here is one end of the quilt:


This shows more of the center of the quilt:


Here is the other end:


And here is a closeup of the borders. The green border is actually two green fabrics alternated. The outer border is one of those miracles that sometimes happens while fabric shopping. We wanted a border that carried on the flower idea (the pattern is called Scrappy Pinwheel Flowers, after all) but did not limit the color scheme that this quilt will fit into. Sometimes when you have such a definite idea of what you want (did I mention that it had to be a batik?), you can’t find anything that works. But this one seemed to be perfect. (I think once the dark green binding is on, this outer border will stand out a little more.)


I have also been buying fabric that I don’t need. During the trip to one of our LQSes, I purchased this bundle which reminded me of a lighter version of some fabric I used in a quilt for my youngest daughter a couple of years ago:

IMG_1853I also purchased Edyta Sitar’s Craftsy class Garden of Quilted Possibilities (w/ Edyta Sitar) (Yes that is a Craftsy Affiliate link.)and purchased (I couldn’t help myself) the fabric bundle to go with it.


It will be a while before I can actually start the class and use this fabric, but it’s in my plan. And I think DDR Quilter will be joining me. That will be fun!

Now I have to figure out what I can possibly finish by June 11 for Very Lazy Daisy‘s contest. Will I find something? Stay tuned.

What have you been up to?

Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Ok, this settles it. I’m ordering pinwheels pattern today, no idea when or with what I’ll make it. Sorry I didn’t comment on your BOM, trying to ignore it. Yes, I will be joining you for ES’s quilt. Can’t wait to see what project you choose to finish for Daisy’s giveaway. You must enter!

  2. I know the church quilt has been a pain, but it is gorgeous! You are right. The border fabric is perfect.

    I love that fabric bundle as well.

  3. Edyta Sitar’s quilts are so beautiful, I’ve been tempted (but not yet succumbed). You’ve been working hard on the church quilt though, so you deserve a reward, right?!

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