Film & Fiction Friday

Yes, it is 10:30 PM on Friday as I type this so it will be barely Friday when I post this in my time zone. But the title works so well!

I just wanted to drop a couple of suggestions on you if you are looking for movies or books to read.

First the movies. We saw three in the last couple of weeks, all of which I recommend highly to any interested parties. Two of the movies are Oscar contenders, Her and 12 Years a Slave. Her is one of the most creative and original movies I’ve seen in a while and all the performances were awesome. And 12 Years a Slave also has some amazing performances.

The third movie is not actually widely available yet. We saw it as part of the Sundance USA festival in Ann Arbor. It is called Infinitely Polar Bear and is based on the writer/director’s childhood with a bi-polar father. (It is tough in parts but not the kind of downer you might expect from that description.) As we saw it as part of the Sundance Festival, there was an interview and question and answer period with the director (done via Skype because, unfortunately, she was ill and couldn’t make the trip to Ann Arbor) who made it very clear how personal this was for her. Mark Ruffalo (who I like very much in almost everything) plays the dad and Zoe Saldana plays the mom.

The fiction (which I tried to read as slowly as possible and savor it) is Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen. I love the touch of magic in her books. Nice, comfortable quick read. And now, sob, I have to wait for her next book.

Below are the Amazon Affiliate links for the movies and book that are available or available for pre-order on

And the book on which it is based:

There is nothing (other than a poster) available yet for Infinitely Polar Bear since it hasn’t been released to theaters yet.

There is also a free Kindle short story that introduces Kate one of the main characters in the book:

Read, watch and quilt on!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Have you read The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley? After reading it I had to buy all her backlist titles.

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