It’s Time

Yep, it is time for me to become a quilt sweatshop around here! There is too much to do and somehow I keep getting distracted and not doing it! What do I need to do? Oh, let me see now!

  • Piece the top for the church quilt! Not enough blocks came back finished to make the king sized quilt but we have plenty for the queen sized and I have a really cool idea for the borders. The backing for this quilt needs to be pressed also, but maybe I can get Amazing Amy over here to do it!
  • Finish piecing the Falling Charms quilt top. I’m like two rows away. I should get it done and get over it.
  • Finish hand quilting the Wedding Quilt. Yeah, there’s a deadline on that. And, yes, I should have no problem getting it done if my hands cooperate. If!
  • Finish cutting all those 1 1/2″ squares that I committed to do for the charm swap. This, too shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Piece the back for the Falling Charms quilt. Yes, I said piece the back. I know. I don’t piece backs usually, but I thought I’d use up the left over blocks and the left over layer cake squares on this one. Just for fun.
  • Finish piecing the DPW blocks.
  • Clean the sewing room. That may include some quilt finishing along the way.
  • I have two Christmas tree skirts to make. Or more exactly, one to finish and one to make. By Thanksgiving.
  • My SIL doesn’t have his own quilt. This is a horrible oversight.

No, I don’t really have a plan of attack. Just to get myself downstairs to sew as often as possible for as long as possible and when I’m upstairs to work on the Wedding Quilt as much as possible. So, yeah, that’s the plan. Pictures as I accomplish things.

Quilt on!