Last Wedding Quilt Update

In other words, it is finished and delivered! But not without a bit of angst. As I was quilting the border I came to a couple of mistakes. I can understand the first mistake because the block should be rotated 90 degrees:


The second one is less easy for me to understand. Apparently I really goofed up on the block. I don’t understand how I didn’t notice it when putting the border together. Just don’t get it.


For some reason, once I had gotten the borders quilted and the quilt trimmed up, the binding did not want to go on. I had to do part of it Sunday night and the rest on Monday evening. I’m sure part of the reason was dealing with the size of the quilt.

On Tuesday, Amazing Amy met me at church and helped me hand stitch the binding. It took the two of us four hours. Luckily, since it was 90+º outside, this sat on a table so we didn’t have to sit under it and really roast.

And here is the first official photo of the finished and washed quilt. I had to put it on my bed because it was too large for one person to hold.


Here is a closeup of the quilting in the large open spaces in the center of the quilt.


Today I met the recipients at their new home. Since they have not moved in yet, there was plenty of room for picture-taking. I am adding two pictures because my son-in-law is largely cut out of the first one. Of course, he’s kind of in a shadow so the second one is not much better!



Now that I’m looking at it all at once and not one little section at a time, I am really liking this. I like the way it washed up and I loved working with the wool batting. I learned a few things about my needle preferences for hand quilting, but that’s for another blog post.

And for those of you who are new readers, this was made from the pattern “Aegean Sea” in Judy Martin’s book Stellar Quilts.

May you enjoy your quilts this much when you finish them!

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “Last Wedding Quilt Update

  1. You just took my breath away for a minute, Gretchen! It looks amazing! I knew it will be beautiful from the pictures, but to see the whole thing at once was just fantastic! I love this pattern, and the blue and white choice was brilliant! 🙂

  2. well done. So satisfying to finish a big project… but you will miss it. Its been such a big part of your life for so long. Go visit it occassionally just to say hi

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