Looking Forward to the Weekend

Well, Labor Day weekend looms close by and I have some exciting plans for said weekend.

First, lovely eldest daughter will be back in town to visit (mostly because her best friend since 3rd grade will be in town from England and they haven’t seen each other in person in over a year) and to celebrate (very early, mind you) her birthday. She will be traveling a lot for business over the next couple of months, so we probably won’t get to see her. Sigh. (I will just say here, Thanksgiving would be closer to her birthday, but I think it is kind of like The Price Is Right – closest without going over.)

Second, the #LDSI, aka Labor Day Sew-In on Twitter. I am planning to do much sewing in between celebrations and will be glad for the company. My plans include

  1. Some handwork on the Wedding Quilt (of course).
  2. Finishing paper piecing the five pointed star I was working on.
  3. Preparing the paper pieces and the fabric for the Christmas Tree Skirt lovely eldest daughter, maybe even cutting some fabric.
  4. Maybe paper piecing another five pointed star – I need three.
  5. Maybe (if my hand holds out) hand piecing some BOM blocks during the Michigan game on Saturday.

Yeah, I have some big plans. Will I get to them? We shall see. I’ll update on Tuesday.

Third, C & T Publishing is having a book sale starting at 8PM on Friday. Their spring sale provided many of the books that I’ve been reviewing. Let’s see what happens tomorrow night. Yep, I’ll be headed to the website as close to 8 PM as I can get there.



2 thoughts on “Looking Forward to the Weekend

  1. WOW!! Gretchen! Good luck on all that. I am sure it will eventually get done. I am working on few quilt projects as well

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