My Panel Rant

Yes, I have worked with panels on occasion. And they are not always what you would expect them to be.


A glance at the Brown Bear, Brown Bear panel might lead you to believe that it had 24 picture squares of the same size. You would be wrong.

Not only are the pictures not the same size, they are not actually square either. This is why in the quilt I’m working on the pictures are framed by some of the Fizz fabric. Once they were framed, I could cut them into a 6 1/2″ square. And now they work in the quilt.

By the way, the pattern we used is called Baby Four Patch Free Crib Quilt Pattern, and it is available from the Fat Quarter Shop. The use of the panel was a choice we made. It is not required for the pattern.

2 thoughts on “My Panel Rant

  1. I hate that about panels too. You could spend all this time blocking each square but even then you aren’t guaranteed they will all be the same size. It is so frustrating.

  2. I have been ranting about the stupid way panels have been designed since I started quilting. YOU would think that they would design such panels with more room for a good quarter inch….



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