Apr 10

Books on Monday – Lucky Charm Quilts

Today we are looking at Moda All-Stars – Lucky Charm Quilts: 17 Delightful Patterns for Precut 5″ Squares compiled by Lisa Alexander. This book is available as a paperback book

and in the Kindle format.

I originally ordered this because I had seen pictures of all the quilts and wanted to make many of them with the myriads of charm packs I have. Like the previous Mode All-Stars book I reviewed, each designer answered the same questions about themselves and their process and preferences. They aren’t the same questions as the previous book so it is not boring, but it does let you get to know a little bit about the designers.

This book is basically a projects book. It begins with an Introduction and then proceeds directly to the projects. One of the things I really like is that the projects are divided into One Charm Pack, Two Charm Packs, and Three Charm Packs sections. This could be very convenient if one is looking at one’s collection of charm packs and trying to decide which pattern to make.

The directions, as far as I can tell without having made any of the quilts yet, seem to be pretty easy to follow. There are many different kinds of quilts here and some different techniques for making the units that make up the blocks, like flying geese and HSTs. There are also appliqué quilts, including  some wool appliqué. There are wall hangings and table runners and quilts of various other sizes.

The designers included in this book are: Lissa Alexander, Lisa Bongean, Janet Clare, Jenny Down, Karla Eisenach, Sandy Gervais, Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson (AKA Me and My Sister Designs), Lynne Hagmeier, Jen Kingwell, Sandy Klop, Sherri McConnell, Carrie Nelson, Bonnie Olaveson, Kathy Schmitz, Laurie Simposon, Pat Sloan, Deb Strain, and Anne Sutton. It’s quite a diverse group.

So check this out and

Quilt on!

Apr 07

April Craftsy Top Classes Sale

The Spring SALE has sprung at Craftsy! All of their top classes will be under $20 this weekend. Skip the spring cleaning. Enjoy some spring crafting – starting today (Friday, April 7th)! This sale runs through Sunday, April 9 at 11:59 pm MST.

Click here to check it out and help support the blog!

Quilt on!

Apr 06

Thursday Morning Catch Up and a Giveaway!

There are so many things to catch up on and, yes, there is a layer cake giveaway here! Really! Read on to the end and enter to win one of two layer cakes. If you are a member of the secret Twitter group, this could come in handy for the upcoming May sew along.

But first – time to catch up.

Last week I got a lovely package from Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner. At Christmas, I was not satisfied with the granddog Christmas stockings but I felt too lazy to actually make them myself. So, I commissioned the lovely Katie to make them for me because I had seen some online that she had once made. I asked her to make them in the colorways that the granddogs are – Beagle/Bassett Hound and Shih-Tsu. They arrived last week, along with a lovely note from Katie and a charm pack of Christmas fabric. Aren’t they absolutely adorable?

And here’s the charm pack.

Katie designed the paper pieced block that I did some pattern testing for and is giving it away to her blog readers for free here. Since she has published it now, here’s my version.

Since Loki’s mom was out of town for the weekend, Loki wanted some sewing time so we finished off Clue 3 of Surrounded by Scraps. I didn’t actually press them until Sunday though.

This scrappy mystery quilt is going to be much brighter than the previous one. I left out almost all the browns. (Brown Fizz made it in because I didn’t have much and it’s Fizz!)

Now let’s talk about the giveaway! Or rather giveaways!

The first layer cake is Sophia by Maywood Studios. I got this quite a while ago and have not been able to find pictures of the whole line anywhere online but here is a picture of the layer cake.

This is a Rafflecopter giveaway. You can get extra entries by tweeting each day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The second layer cake is Beverly Park by RJR Fabrics. If you click the link, it will take you to the Missouri Star Quilt Company page where you can see all the fabrics.

This is also a Rafflecopter giveaway. You can get one extra entry by tweeting each day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for entering! And reading this blog!

Quilt on!

Apr 05

Q2 Finish-A-Long Plans/Hopes

Now it is time for me to express my hopes for the Q2 Finish-A-Long. Here goes! Wish me well!

  1. Surrounded by Scraps – I’m guessing this one can be completed because I am currently all caught up and the final clue is due on April 12th. Once I finish the top, I plan to have it longarmed, so that should all go fairly quickly. This may be on the guest room bed by the end of the quarter.
  2. 2014 FQS Designer Mystery BOM – I have the center done. I need to trim it up and piece the borders. I have the backing fabric already. The big question will be if I quilt it myself or send it out. I’m thinking I ditch quilt this myself with gray thread, because I like the lines of this quilt so much. We’ll see. The whole idea of basting it might slow me down a bit because I hate doing that.
  3. Disappearing Pinwheels – This is the next closest to being done already. It is also a carryover from last quarter. We’ll see how it goes!
  4. The quilt from the Kimberly Einmo Lonestar class. Another carryover from last quarter. Fingers crossed.
  5. The quilt from the Kimberly Einmo Spinning Stars class. This may actually be closer to being done than the Lonestar. We’ll see.

I think that five is more than enough for one quarter. Really, I do!

Quilt on!

Apr 01

Q1 Finish-A-Long Wrap Up

Back in January, I posted my list for this first quarter. You can look at it, complete with pictures, here.

I was aiming high. I mentioned five possible finishes. I actually finished the first two items, the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM and the Birds in the Air, AKA My Birds Are Geese. I didn’t even touch two of the other quilts, the Disappearing Pinwheel and the Kimberly Einmo Lonestar.

I made some progress on the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. Actually, I made a lot of progress and now have the entire center assembled. 

What’s left on this one now is the top and bottom borders which will take a while to piece.

Other things I worked on this quarter were Getting to Know Hue and Surrounded by Scraps.

Quilt on!

Mar 31

Month’s End March-A-Long

Another short week, but very productive.

Sunday evening I basted my Birds in the Air quilt.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on quilting it. Wednesday I also sewed the binding to the front.

Wednesday and Thursday, I worked on Clue 3 of the Surrounded by Scraps Mystery. Here’s the first part. This year I’m using lots and lots of bright colors.

I also used some time Wednesday and Thursday hand sewing the binding for the Birds in the Air quilt which is now named My Birds Are Geese. Then Friday (AKA today) I washed it and photographed it. You can see more about it in the previous post.

As soon as I finish this post, I’m headed to my sewing room to work some more on Clue 3.

How was your March-A-Long?

Quilt on!

Mar 31

Second Finish of the Year!

I made it! I finished one more quilt for the Finish-A-Long just under the wire! My Birds in the Air quilt, now named My Birds Are Geese, is now a completed quilt. (Note: as far as the following pictures go, the glamour shot in the sunroom shows the colors more truly. Sorry about the indoor picture’s poor color.)

In case you are a new reader, the blocks for this quilt come from a Twitter group swap. Before deciding on this setting for the Birds in the Air blocks, I tried a couple other settings. Here’s one of them:

Eventually my birds became flying geese. I really like the focus on the blocks themselves, so I framed it in white instead of using a real border. I quilted it very simply, just stitch in all the ditches. I considered doing something a little more fancy in the large white triangles, but that is where most people signed their blocks and I didn’t want to damage or distort the signatures. I also do like a puffy looking quilt.

Quilt on!

Mar 27

Books on Monday – Simple Friendships

Today we are looking at Simple Friendships: 14 Quilts from Exchange-Friendly Blocks by Kim Diehl and Jo Morton. It is available in both paperback and Kindle versions so there is a separate Amazon Affiliate link for each of them.

In the Introduction, the authors describe how they chose six favorite blocks (Star Block, King’s Crown Block, Nine Patch Block, Yankee Puzzle Block, Basket Block, and Old Italian Block) and started designing from there. Each of them then designed a quilt using some version of the aforementioned block. They also designed samplers using all of the blocks.

They encourage the use of this book for block exchanges. To that end, cutting directions for one block are given at the beginning of each pattern. There is also a section called Guidelines for Block Exchanges to help the reader facilitate block exchanges to make these quilts.

And, yes, it is basically another project book, but with a twist.

If you’ve looked carefully at the names of the authors and you know anything about their styles, you will know that my taste in colors does not match theirs. I tend to like much brighter colors than they do, but I love their design styles. Maybe if I were to make versions of these quilts in my favorite colors the brightness would be overwhelming, but I do love many of these quilts. (You can look at the pictures of the quilts if you check out the Amazon links.)

The directions for these quilts are very thorough and well illustrated. I like the way that many of the quilts use both appliqué and the pieced blocks. And I like the sampler quilts designed with all of the blocks, even though I’m not a big fan of Basket or Cake Stand blocks.

The Guidelines for Block Exchanges makes some very helpful suggestions for running or planning a block exchange. The section called Kim and Jo’s Quiltmaking Basics does not exactly walk you through how to make a quilt from beginning to end, but it does cover some very good information about some quilt making techniques, like Jo’s No-Waste Flying-Geese Method and Kim’s Invisible Machine Appliqué Technique. It is worth a read even if you are not a beginning quiltmaker.

And, in case you didn’t already get the idea, I do like many of the quilt designs. And I want to try some of the tips in Kim and Jo’s Quiltmaking Basics. (The English teacher in me wants to call it Kim’s and Jo’s Quiltmaking Basics.) If you like either of these designers quilt designs or want to do a block exchange and make something a little out of the ordinary, you would probably enjoy this book.

Quilt on!

Mar 26

March-A-Long Week 3

My third week of March-A-Long didn’t fare much better than last week. I’m still sicker than I’d like to be so, although I have read several quilting books. I also managed to do a little bit of quilting.

On Sunday, I started assembling the rows for the 2014 Designer Mystery BOM. I got the first four put together and sewed the 3rd and 4th rows together.

Monday through Thursday were mostly reading days. I kept meaning to write and schedule some book review posts for the books I read, but somehow that took too much energy.

Friday night I got a little bit of sewing done, though. I sewed together the first and second rows and then sewed them to the third and fourth rows. That means that more than half the center of the quilt top was done when I got finished Friday night.

Then on Saturday, I was able to put together the rest of the center top. Now it looks like this:

The center needs trimming and squaring up but that will have to wait. I’m hoping to baste, quilt and bind the Birds in the Air quilt by Friday so that I have another first quarter finish.

How are you doing at marching-a-long?

Mar 25

You’re Missing a Craftsy Sale

And it’s all my fault! So here is what you need to know about this Craftsy supplies sale:

This sale started: Friday, March 24th at 12:01am MST (sorry I’m late!)

This sale ends: Sunday, March 26th at 11:59pm MST

There are deals on all kits & supplies!

Quilting Supplies and Kits: Up to 50% off
Sewing Fabric and Kits: Up to 70% off
Knitting Supplies and Kits: Up to 50% off
Crochet Supplies and Kits: Up to 50% off
Cake Decorating Supplies: Up to 40% off

If you’re looking for some awesome deals, click here.

And quilt on!

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