Quilting Catch-Up

I will just show you what little quilting related stuff has been happening around here lately. Then in a future post, I will show you all my goodies from The Quilt Bear Day 12 Stuff Your Stocking package. Otherwise this post will be way too long.

The first Friday in December is usually our church’s Christmas auction in which we auction off the Lottie Moon (AKA church) quilt.


Due to the many changes happening at church right now, no one knew what to expect from the auction. The quilt went for less than one would hope, but it went to some of my very favorite people so I can’t complain. (The husband of the couple is a landscape architect so this was a fitting quilt for them.) The entire auction brought in about half of what it did 2 years ago, but not having an auction last year may have contributed to that.

And I have been squeezing in a few moments of quilting here and there. I have been cutting sashing for the Big Monkey. I still hope to complete at least the top of that quilt before year’s end.

I also put together an entire quilt top! I wanted to work with something Christmasy, so I pulled out my Winter’s Grandeur jelly roll.


As we all know, the quickest way to complete a quilt using a jelly roll is to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt.


But I didn’t want to use it just as a Jelly Roll Race so I dug up some of my blocks from the 120 Blocks project to add to the quilt. I cut the top 12″ from the right hand side and added the blocks (with some extra gold strips in between to make them the right size).


The blocks are (from top to bottom with links to the post describing their finish): Candlelight, Chain of Squares, Broken Star, Birds in the Air (fake as I call it, Blazing Star, and Castles in Spain (which really looks like a star block to me).

I didn’t think this needed a border and the Twilters agreed so this is a finished top! If only I’d had backing, I could have gotten it off to the longarmer this week. Sigh. But I didn’t. So I didn’t.

By the way, I spent significant time tagging and organizing the posts here, so you can now easily find BOM and 120 Blocks Project posts. (Jaye, that is for you mostly!)

Quilt on!


2 thoughts on “Quilting Catch-Up

  1. I really love what you did with the jelly roll quilt. It adds so much to it. Nice job, Gretchen! Sorry the auction didn’t make tons of money, the quilt is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for reorganizing your posts. I cannot help my librarian self, but it makes my heart sing.

    Love Love Love the way you inserted blocks into the Jelly roll quilt. It looks so much better than just a regular JR quilt!

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