Saturday Sampler Fail

These are the blocks for March for the Getting to Know Hue Saturday Sampler.

They always look better on the design wall, but I am not totally thrilled with them. Look at how the edges of the blocks turned out:

However, that’s not what makes this a Saturday Sampler fail. What does that is the fact that I didn’t make it down to Tecumseh to pick up my blocks on time. (Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday)

Why didn’t I? These blocks were done and ready. Well, real life arrived.

We spent Friday afternoon at the ER with my eldest daughter. They sent her home. Saturday morning we were back. They kept her in the hospital. They did tests. They found nothing. Tuesday they sent her home again. Grrr! Official guess is a virus that has to work its way through her system. I’m not so sure. Neither is she, but she is feeling a little better. And she’s home.

To be honest, this will only cost me $5. Not a big deal. But I do still feel sort of like a failure.

And if you haven’t entered the layer cake giveaway and it’s before 11:59 EDT on April 15, check it out here.

Quilt on!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler Fail

  1. I am not sure what you see wrong with the blocks. They look fine to me. The only thing I notice that *might* be an issue is that some of the edges seem to be on the bias. I think taking care of your daughter was more important than Saturday Sampler. I know budgeting is important, however. Take care and I hope your daughter improves. Glad she has you nearby.

    • I picked up the block yesterday. It is one of the four corner blocks like the first month so I know how to do that one. Daughter doesn’t seem to be getting any better yet, but hopefully soon. Certainly not getting worse.

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