Saturday Story

I make no guarantees that I will have one of these every Saturday, but it made a great title for today’s brief post.

Robin's egg blue leather glovesThese are my favorite gloves ever! They are leather and, as you can tell, nearing the end of their useful life. I’ve had them for several years and, in addition to their gorgeous color, how I got them is one of my favorite stories.

One summer several years ago (I’m not sure how many, but many – probably even before I started quilting), some friends and I trekked a couple hours north to the area’s largest outlet mall. As part of the wandering from store to store, we visited the Wilson’s Leather outlet. The color of these gloves caught my eye immediately. There were no other pairs like them, they were my size, and they had been marked down from $40 to $14! In spite of the fact that I did not have a coat they would go with, I picked them up, figuring I could make sure the next coat I purchased would go with my gorgeous gloves. I took them to the counter to purchase them, where I found out that everything that was at clearance price was half off the price marked. Yep! A pair of blue, soft leather gloves for $7!

They stayed in my dresser for a year or two until my wrong-shade-of-blue coat wore out and I could purchase a black coat. I have been wearing them happily each winter since. They have had coffee spilled on them as I walked from the parking garage to my university office carrying said coffee (many times). They have some small rips in them from various occasions, and it is almost time for them to retire. You probably won’t be surprised to know that I purchased their replacements during last winter’s end of season sales – purple suede gloves. But I am in no hurry to stop wearing these. I have appreciated them for a very long time!

What do you have that is like these gloves in your life?

Quilt on!