Second Paducah Lesson

Here is my second lesson from Paducah: It is impossible to make the decision not to buy anything and stick to it when you are in Paducah.

Below are the books I bought:

Here are my living room’s new coasters, decks of cards for each of my daughters, pins, and a soapstone and graphite marker and a sharpener for it:

The following few pictures are the fabric I bought: two snow-dyed mandalas by Mamaw’s Handdyes and two amazing floral panels by Stephanie Brandenburg:

Here are my new patterns:

So now we know that I have no self-control. I’ll continue with other things I’ve learned in later posts!

One thought on “Second Paducah Lesson

  1. Look at all that loot! Thanks for sharing with us what you have purchased so far. I have those same coasters. 🙂

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