Some Tuesday Catch-Up

I haven’t been on social media as much as usual lately because I have been working on some projects. The list here is not in the order of completion or dates worked on. It’s just in an order that makes sense to me.

First off, I have finished Janni’s Christmas tree skirt! I wanted a slightly lighter red binding but I didn’t think I had enough of that fabric to make it so I had to go with the darker red. I still like the red binding, though. This binding was my first bias binding and went pleasantly well.



And here’s a close-up of the quilting on the back so you can see it! It looks gorgeous. IMG_2324

The binding was a pain to machine sew around the small hole in the center, so I’m thinking once I finish Lizzi’s and Joe’s tree skirt, I will stay away from Christmas tree skirts forevermore!

Speaking of Lizzi’s and Joe’s Christmas tree skirt, that top is completed and at the longarmer’s for quilting but here is what it looked like before I cut out the center hole”


I also finished block 6 of the 2011 Designer Mystery BOM. I also thought I’d finished the 2012 block since but when I went to press it, I realized that I had made a major mistake on it and had to take a bunch of it apart. I’ll probably get that one done this week, but in the meantime here is the 2011 block 6:


Up next: hand quilting on the church quilt, finishing 2012 block 6, cutting the two block 7s, and working on the American Beauty BOM. Of course, all that will take a back seat to binding and washing Lizzi’s and Joe’s tree skirt when it comes back.

Quilt on!