Sorry for Slacking

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I feel like the last couple of weeks I have been really slacking. Of course, with the wedding quilt off to be layered and basted by the longarmer, I have been putting off cleaning up the quilting area. And no other quilting has been going on because I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t do anything else with fabric until the clean up happened and the church quilt was on its frame and ready to go.

And there were/are books to read. And there was a trip to take to visit my eldest daughter for a couple of days, with a bonus breakfast with friends. (And a musical – Oliver! – to watch and enjoy.) And now there is my mother-in-law to get moved into her new apartment.

Let me just say here, that my MIL has been blessed in her apartments since she moved out of the house we shared with her. She got the most beautiful two bedroom corner apartment in the independent living section when she first moved there. And now that she needs a bit more assistance and is moving to a different apartment, I swear she got the best two bedroom corner apartment in the assisted living section. And she is such a good sport and has such a sunny disposition that she is a joy to be around. The best part of this move is that she is in the same facility and will be able to eat with her usual friends.

I did do some major unsewing on Wednesday. The youngest daughter (AKA the bride) and I had an appointment Thursday to finalize the flowers for the wedding. DD had seen something on Pinterest about using lace from the mom’s wedding dress in the daughter’s bridal bouquet and wanted some lace from my dress. So off came the sleeves, one of which I left intact and I spent all of Wednesday removing the lace from the other.

IMG_1296The lace above is from the cuff. It came off comparatively easily. Below is the picture of the sleeve that is still whole, the large section of lace on netting that I removed from the other sleeve, and the lace from the cuff. I want to tell you that that large section took forever to rip out! It was sewed in soooooo securely! And, yes, the lace and the netting have yellowed over the years but the polyester (Qiana, I think) is still as white as the day I wore the dress, more than 35 years ago. (Except for the place where someone spilled coffee on me!) I am currently planning to take the rest of the lace off the dress, and cut some of the clean parts of the fabric and save them to make a crazy quilt someday. I have some of the youngest daughter’s dresses from bridesmaid duty and school formal occasions I can also use. It should be fun. When I get around to it.IMG_1298

And here is the proof that columbine is taking over my flowerbeds! I didn’t even plant it in this area of the yard. It was on the other side of the house (where it never really took off because there is none there now!) and somehow it gravitated to the front sidewalk area and is taking over. At least it is very pretty this time of year.

IMG_1300Quilt on!

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  1. I love that she wants the lace from your dress for her wedding! And I love columbine.

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