Saturday Sampler Fail

These are the blocks for March for the Getting to Know Hue Saturday Sampler.

They always look better on the design wall, but I am not totally thrilled with them. Look at how the edges of the blocks turned out:

However, that’s not what makes this a Saturday Sampler fail. What does that is the fact that I didn’t make it down to Tecumseh to pick up my blocks on time. (Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday)

Why didn’t I? These blocks were done and ready. Well, real life arrived.

We spent Friday afternoon at the ER with my eldest daughter. They sent her home. Saturday morning we were back. They kept her in the hospital. They did tests. They found nothing. Tuesday they sent her home again. Grrr! Official guess is a virus that has to work its way through her system. I’m not so sure. Neither is she, but she is feeling a little better. And she’s home.

To be honest, this will only cost me $5. Not a big deal. But I do still feel sort of like a failure.

And if you haven’t entered the layer cake giveaway and it’s before 11:59 EDT on April 15, check it out here.

Quilt on!


Progress First Part of #sbsi

I must confess, that I have had a productive two days. I started out the week this week hoping to complete Clue One of Surrounded by Scraps before the next clue is posted. I have not yet completed all the necessary cutting for the quilt, but I have completed the 80 four patches and 80 nine patches for Clue One. i still have lots of the background pieces to cut out, but at least I made those pieces before the next clue comes out on February 8.

And then, I caved. Yes, I started something new. For a couple of months now, I’ve been seeing pictures online and in catalogs of Nancy Rink’s block of the month design Getting to Know Hue. I love the colors and the style of the quilt, but I really didn’t want to spend that much money on more fabric. But it’s been in the back of my mind for awhile. Nonnie, from Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams added to the fire by posting (in the Twilter group on Facebook) a picture of a gorgeous version someone was working on during her recent retreat. Oh, the pain!

Then I received an email from a quilt shop about half an hour away that advertised their Saturday Sampler and let me know it was not too late to join in. One of the four quilts for the Saturday Sampler is Getting to Know Hue. Free blocks sounded very tempting. Too tempting. Yesterday I went down and signed up and picked up the pattern book and the first block. Today I cut out the block.

As absolutely gorgeous as I think the quilt is with the Lonestar in the middle, I think I will opt for one of the alternate centers. I think the one on the left looks more modern and has a lot of movement in it. I do get a choice through the Saturday Sampler program. I just need to let them know in the next couple of months.

Plans for tomorrow include assembling the first Getting to Know You block, maybe cutting some more of the background pieces for Surrounded by Scraps, and either hand quilting or hand piecing some La Passacaglia during the big game (which I really don’t care about but it’s a handwork opportunity).

What are you up to?

Quilt on!