The 400th Post

Welcome to my 400th post! I think I’ll celebrate with a giveaway, but it won’t go live until Thursday, November 21 as part of

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

But until then, I’ll just bring you up to date on a few things.

First, the wedding quilt – I’m still plugging away at it, but I’m not making very fast progress since most of my hand quilting time (as far as my hand holds up) has to be spent finishing the church quilt. So the wedding quilt is going very slowly, but that should pick up in a couple weeks when the church quilt is completed.

The Falling Charms Quilt – It still looks like this:


Now that I have my new iPhone with the better flash system, the colors look more like this:


I think the colors are closer to true here. And no more actual sewing has happened on this one.

Then there’s the saga of the boot:


Yeah, it’s still there. I tried wearing the brace instead for parts of a couple of days but the supports hit me in the wrong places on my ankle and caused pain – so I have my PT’s suggestion that I take the plastic out and try to replace it with cardboard or something that isn’t quite so stiff. (A couple of layers of Timtex perhaps?) She also suggested that I may want to reshape it slightly so it hits in different places. That might be on tap for tomorrow.

Christmas tree skirts – I am still working on cutting the Judy Niemeyer. I got to one shape (a large one) that has a curved bottom and it has me so intimidated I haven’t gone back to it. Soon now, though. It’s looking like they may not be quite ready for this Christmas.

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