Wedding Quilt Update

Yes, I know. This is late. I spent the weekend slacking, so I had to do some sewing Monday & yesterday in order to have anything to show.

Remember last week when I said I was making 40 blocks to start with? I thought it was taking a very long time for those blocks. Well it turns out that I was making 58 blocks! Yay! I finished that first batch of 58.

IMG_1227 These are examples of the blocks.IMG_1228This is the stack of blocks! 58! 42 left to go of this style, 32 of one slightly different.

After I completed these, I started joining some of the parts together to make parts of what is called Unit One in the pattern. The following three pictures are those parts.IMG_1230 IMG_1231IMG_1208I’m pretty sure that sometime today I will start putting some of these together to make the Unit Ones that I can and maybe even adding them to the star blocks to make what is called a Superblock. And yes, if I get some of those done, I will not wait until next week to post pictures!

Quilt on!

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