Wedding Quilt Update

My goal going into the weekend was to sew together all of the triangle pairs for the wedding quilt and to finish cutting the blue fabric. One of those things happened.

triangle squaresYes, with the pressing help of Amazing Amy (who voluntarily came over on Saturday afternoon to be my indentured ironer), the triangle pairs all got sewed together and pressed. She also pressed all of my neutral fabrics so they are ready to cut.

Cutting, that’s the bad news. I still have one section of blues to cut, but I hope to finish that today. Also on tap for today is joining the pairs of triangles together to make hourglass blocks. If I’m really on a roll, maybe I can get all of the star blocks completed for the wedding quilt.

Sometime this week I also want to get my January Lucky Stars block pieced so I don’t get behind. Also this week, I need to cut some fabric for the church quilt.

It looks like I have a busy week here. How about you?

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt Update

  1. They’re looking good already Gretchen! Good luck with the cutting! I think I have to realize that’s my least favorite part, maybe because I never got to master it properly and have to constantly re-adjust my angles. Good luck to you! :)))

  2. An indentured ironer, wow. Ironing of yardage is not fun for me. Sounds like a very busy week, quilting and dodging those pesky germs. I’m working on scrappy trip around the world lap quilt.You’re working on another church quilt? Can’t wait to hear about that.

  3. Way to go. I also have to do my lucky stars block this week. I love cutting fabric-if you weren’t so far away I’d give you a hand.

  4. Can Amazing Amy come to my house? I could use an indentured ironer. You’re going great guns on this! I am loving watching it come together.

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