You Say It’s Your Birthday

Not yours? Well, today is my hubby’s birthday! There’s a sense in which it is a big one for him so…

Back on July 1st while I was at DisneyWorld with our eldest daughter, he posted this as his Facebook status:

“A song for my out-of-town wife, Gretchen ************, on the first day of my birth month in which I will be 64 (sung to the tune of the Beatles’ “When I’m 64″): Now that I’m old (but…still have my hair), / many years alive, / will you still be giving me a valentine? / Birthday grrreatings? Coke will be fine! / Though I’ve been out past quarter to three / many times before, / will you still love me, / not be sick of me / when I’m 64? / You’ll – get – old – er, – too. / But, if the Lord allows, / I – will – stay – with – you! / Never been handy,( but) I’ve changed a fuse! / I was light and young! / You can knit and quilt, and it will will cause no strife. / Sunday morning, church is our life! / Doing the garden, digging the weeds, / I’ve learned to ignore! / will you adore me / (and) do tech stuff for me / when I’m 64? / Many summers we have been together, and we’ve both been white, / which is not too weird. / We – trust – Je – sus – saves! / Our children, you, and me, / We – don’t – fear – the – grave! / Send me an email, text would be fine / stating point of view. / Indicate precisely what you mean to say. / I’m still here, but you’re far away. / Give me your answer, say it with love, / mine forevermore! / Will you still kiss me? / Will you pray with me / when I’m 64?”

So, if Facebook will let me, I will be posting this on his wall today in answer:

A song for my husband who is 64 today! (Sung to the tune of the Beatles’ “When I’m 64”)

Now that you’re old, but still have your hair
Many years alive,
I’m still giving you a valentine
Birthday greetings
I’ll drink the wine
Though you’ve been out past quarter to three
Many times before
I will still love you
Not be sick of you
Now you’re 64
I am older too
And if the Lord allows
I will stay with you!

Don’t need to be handy,
Changing a fuse,
Not so light or young!
You can make me knit
And it will cause some strife!
All week long, our church is our life.
No one will garden.
No one will weed.
Won’t go to the shore.
I will adore you,
Still do tech stuff for you
Now you’re 64.

Many summers we have been together
And don’t really fight
And you’ve grown a beard.
We trust Jesus saves!
Our nuclear family,
We don’t fear the grave!
Reached you on Facebook,
Hope that is fine,
Here’s my point of view:
Yep, it’s precisely what I mean to say
I’m back home, I’m not far away.
Here is my answer, stated with love,
Yours forevermore,
I will still kiss you,
I’ll still pray with you,
Now you’re 64!

Back to quilting! And Books on Monday a bit later!

Quilt on!

4 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday

  1. Lovely, Gretchen! I’m tearing up and laughing here! But seriously, about that tech stuff….

  2. good job Gretchen! Glad you are living and loving together with a great sense of humour. Happy birthday to your old man too. Im enjoying some special away time with my dh right now. Life is good

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