2014 Quilty Resolutions Update

Apparently it is close enough to end of the first quarter that it is time to check on the progress made in getting my three quilting monkeys off my back. Sandy from Quilting for the Rest of Us had us pick three quilting monkeys to get off our backs. My three (and the results so far) are as follows:

  1. The American Beauty BOM that I began in 2010. No progress whatsoever other than looking at it.
  2. Fear of free motion quilting.  I’ve been looking at books and videos and working up my courage. Really. (I finished watching my first free motion quilting Craftsy class. I just haven’t actually put any of it into practice.)
  3. My laziness and avoidance of learning to appliqué. I’ve been watching a Craftsy class, reading up on it, and collecting tools. Almost ready to start. Really.

I have also made some progress on the 2014 Resolutions in the sidebar. 

  1. Complete at least 2 of the 4 BOMs I have going. a. American Beauty BOM No progress as mentioned above. b. 2009 Designer Mystery BOM No progress because I’m at the hand quilting stage. And any hand quilting is focused on number two! c. 2011 Designer Mystery BOM I have actually done a little bit of piecing on block 4. And I have a plan for getting more of it done. d. 2012 Designer Mystery BOM Nothing. Yet.
  2. Complete the Wedding Quilt for my daughter and her husband before their first anniversary which is July 20. Slowly making progress. Almost done with the ninth (and last) super block. Then I get to work on the wide open spaces.
  3. Do some free motion quilting on one small project. No progress as you’ve seen above.
  4. Complete the two Christmas tree skirts for my daughters before Thanksgiving. Have made some progress on the paper pieced skirt for my eldest daughter. Haven’t started the younger daughter’s (and son-in-law’s) tree skirt yet.
  5. Complete the studio (aka family room) reorganization. Well, I’m working on re-sorting fat quarters right now.
  6. Complete the Falling Charms Quilt that is currently on the design wall. Here is the most progress. I have been using this as leaders and enders while I make Disappearing Pinwheel blocks and eight of the ten rows are sewed together. Three or four more DPWs and I’ll be putting on the border!
  7. Try some machine appliqué. This one was mentioned above.

How about you?

Quilt on!


3 thoughts on “2014 Quilty Resolutions Update

  1. I never wrote down the monkeys on my back,but I can assure you they keep on growing! Specially my Celtic Solstice :)))) Great progress with the baby steps!

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