2018 Quilting Hopes and Dreams

Here are my Quilty Resolutions for 2018. You will be able to find them in the sidebar throughout this year in a little less detail!

  1. UFO & WIP Finishes – at least two of these:
    1. Disappearing Pinwheels – I seriously need to do this!
    2. 2011 Designer Mystery BOM – I think this is currently my oldest UFO.
    3. The Christmas Jelly Roll Race – I don’t know how I didn’t finish it last year!
    4. The Jinny Beyer BOM – I either need to finish this or let it go.
    5. Getting to Know Hue – I’d like this not to be a long term project.
    6. On Ringo Lake – I don’t want this one to get to be a UFO.
    7. Layer Cake Explosion – I should be able to finish this one soon also.
    8. The 2009 Designer Mystery BOM
  2. Start (and finish if possible) at least one of the kits I have around the house.
  3. Make at least two bags.
  4. Organize all the patterns I have pulled out of magazines.
  5. Make some serious progress on La Passacaglia.

That’s it for the Quilty Resolutions. I don’t know how realistic these are since one never knows the future. But a person can dream!

What are your quilting hopes and dreams for 2018?

Quilt on!

2 thoughts on “2018 Quilting Hopes and Dreams

  1. I would have thought the 2009 Designer Mystery Quilt (H) was older than the 2011 version, but perhaps you haven’t started on 2009? I am confused. Could you add links to the names of your quilts so we can easily find the last post? Thanks.

    I think you can do it!

    • It is older. I actually hand pieced the top, including the borders, before I ever started this blog. I did blog about it here It went onto the huge quilting frame for hand quilting in late 2012 and has only gotten sporadic love since. First the youngest daughter’s wedding quilt took precedence and then each year’s church quilt needed to get finished. Now I’m making some slow progress but I don’t hand quilt as much as I used to.

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