A Box of Goodies!

Several Twitter friends were ordering 12 Pound Fabric Grab Bags from the Fat Quarter Shop because they were on sale. (They still are as I write this, just in case you want to jump in with us.) I had to order something from them anyway, so…. (Lots of pictures follow!) I’ve sort of grouped them into strange categories for you.

First we have some geometric types of patterns.


Here are some batiks!IMG_1166

Some gold highlighted peacock colored fabric and some of my beloved Fairy Frost!IMG_1167

Two Stonehenge fabrics and a little bit of border fabric.IMG_1168

Various holiday fabrics.IMG_1170

A little Laurel Burch fabric – even the black is cheerful.IMG_1171

A trio of small pattern fabrics, not quite Civil War colors.IMG_1172

Kind of grunge style fabrics.IMG_1173

Tone on tones.IMG_1174


Monkeys!!!!! (Including some sock monkeys.)IMG_1176

Star WarsIMG_1177

Two flannels.IMG_1178

Checkers of various styles.IMG_1179

Novelty fabrics.IMG_1180

Many kinds of dots.IMG_1182

Cute little patttern pairs.IMG_1183

I call these flower dots for obvious reasons.IMG_1184



Small florals.IMG_1186

Larger flowers. The brown also includes some birds and butterflies.IMG_1187

Some Bonnie & Camille: Marmalade!IMG_1188



  Sort of Civil War. IMG_1192  I’m not keeping all of these. I don’t use novelty fabrics much (although I may keep the monkeys) so I probably won’t keep those. Same with the flannels. And those stripes. I don’t usually use Civil War repro types of fabrics, but most of those look like something I could slip into other scrappy quilts. Obviously, Fairy Frost has my heart. And solids are always handy.

So what will I do with the fabric I’m not keeping. Come back Tuesday to find out.

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  1. My comment did not post- I will trade you for the Star Wars fabric- Aidan would love it. He is starting his first quilt and he has some other Star Wars fabric going into it.

    Please, please, please

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