A Long Time Ago (AQS Post 1)

In a galaxy right here, I posted. Sigh. And I missed a Books on Monday. Double Sigh.

About that Books on Monday thing, I think I will be taking a break from that for a while. I am just not feeling it at this point in time. I think there is just too much stuff going on in my life. So maybe I’ll take the rest of the year off. Maybe longer, but for now we will say the rest of the year.

Now on to the good stuff. Yesterday was the first day of the Grand Rapids AQS Show. I arrived in time to visit with Nonnie for a bit before my afternoon class with Toby Lischko. We managed to look at a few quilts too. We started at the Winners’ Circle.

Here’s the quilt that I most would like to sit down with the quiltmaker and ask what the entire story of the quilt is. It is also best of show. It is Family Reunion by Barbara Ann McCraw. I want to take more closeups of parts of this quilt.

Barbara Ann McCraw had a second quilt in the show also – Out of Africa.

Other quilts from the Winners’ Circle:

This is Chemical Attraction by Swan Sheridan: This is Fleur de Glace by Colette Dumont:
This is Just Ruffling Some Feathers by Gina Boone:This is Suwong Hwaseong by Mikyung Jang. For techniques listed, it says hand dyeing and free motion quilting which, I think, means this is a whole cloth quilt in all actuality. 
You’ve seen a picture of this before because I saw it at Shipshewana, but here is Fractal by Claudia Pfeil. Remember, this is the one with 30,000 crystals.
This is a whole cloth hand quilted quilt, Ruby by Andrea Stracke:

I had to do a closeup of this incredible hand quilting:After hanging out with Nonnie for awhile, I headed off to my class where I produced this:

I’m sure more quilt show pictures will be forthcoming.

Quilt on!






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  1. I love the photos that you post. I would probably not make any of these amazing quilts, but I appreciate looking at them.

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