A Quick Craftsy Sale Update

I know! I know! I’m not doing much blogging these days, and I’ll explain in the next post. Honest. Which I will probably get out this weekend because I’m kind of too tired to do much else and plan to take most of the weekend off from all this craziness. At least, I hope to.


But on to the topic of this post – Craftsy’s Summer Supplies Sale!  Yes, that is my Craftsy Affiliate link! And yes, that picture is the center of the quilt I mentioned in this post.  And, yes, it is currently on sale for 45% off. And, no, I do not need more fabric as I’m attempting to downsize a bit (more on that in the next post, I promise). But I’m still really close to pulling the trigger on this one because, honestly, I am totally in love with it.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand!

You can save up to 60% on kits & supplies with the sweetest sale you’ll see all summer on Craftsy! What’s on sale?  All the kits and supplies you want for less. Top designers, bestsellers and new picks –– they’re all fair game and waiting for you, and, I’m afraid, me!

This sale lasts until 11:59 PM MDT on Tuesday, June 28, but I recommend that you check it out as soon as possible so that you get first chance at the goodies you want. I’m still wrestling with myself about this, but it will not surprise me if I cave by the end of today. Yeah, I want that quilt on my bed that much!

Thanks for supporting my blog and, even more important, for visiting it!

Quilt on!