A Short Food Post

Yes, this is a quilty blog. No, I don’t usually write about food. No, I don’t usually cook if I can get out of it. But today I’m writing about food, sort of.

As far back as I can remember, going out to breakfast meant something special to me. It meant I wasn’t in school or I wasn’t working or Dad wasn’t working or we were on vacation. Actually, I think it is the vacation thing. Once I retired (and my mother-in-law still lived here) breakfast out with my husband became an almost daily occurrence. It gave us time alone to talk while we ate. (And usually breakfast out is a lot less expensive than a dinner out, especially if we are talking fancy versions of both of those.) Over the years we have developed a rotation of places to eat.

My favorite of those places is Nick’s Original House of Pancakes in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (That link is their Facebook page.) We usually eat here once a week. On Monday or Tuesday when it’s not too busy. (In addition to the breakfast foods, I really like their chicken salad!) When you eat somewhere often enough you get to know the staff pretty well, especially if one of you is a picky eater (which my husband is). Actually, Nick’s is classier than most of the places we eat and my husband only walked in the door because we knew that one of the cooks (Artie) knew exactly how to cook his bacon.

Nick’s has seasonal specials. One of my favorites over the years has been the Cranberry Apple French Toast, which shows up around Christmas time. Everyone in the place knows I wait anxiously for this every year. Year before last, as its season was ending, Artie set aside the very last serving just for me. (Yes, I am spoiled. We also tip well.) Last year it never appeared because apparently the cost of cranberries was very high. Nick knew I was not a happy camper.

About three weeks ago, our waitress Shelly mentioned that it was coming back soon. That same day, Nick also told me it was coming back with a slight difference, but that if I didn’t like it that way, they’d make it the old way for me. (Shelly had also told me that.) Then we just had to wait for the peaches to get used up and the peach cobbler French toast to rotate its way off the menu.

Today was the day. We walked in the door, and everyone was grinning at me. I assumed that meant they were finally rid of that pesky peach French toast, but it was a little more than that.

I hope you can read that. Basically it means that the new version is named after me. I was more than a little excited. And I feel a bit like a celebrity (you know, the ones who get sandwiches named after them in delis). If you want to see what “Gretchen’s Holiday” looks like there is a picture on their Facebook page. I ate mine too quickly to take a picture. It is delicious and I do not plan to ask for it made differently in the future.

And right now I am too full for words.

Quilt on!

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    • It was cute how excited the waitstaff was to watch me look at the specials menu and to bring me my brunch. It does need a bacon chaser.

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