A Time with Lots of Learning

I have apparently entered a season which will include a lot of learning of new things. I may be exhausted before summer ever gets here!

First off, I spent three days last week at the EQ7 Academy in Perrysburg, Ohio, learning how to use EQ7 from the wonderful and talented Christa Watson. For me, this was absolutely the best way to learn EQ7 and have it stick. Three days totally devoted to it. (Neck and shoulder massages might have been very useful at the end of each day though.) Here is one of the quilts I designed during this intensive class.

13072743_10102870047299304_7426209817573959526_oYes, this is more modern than I would normally make, but it was fun to design. Yes, using EQ7 is fun. And if you are interested, the next EQ7 Academy is in Denver in September. For more information, click the EQ7 Academy link above.

The next two things on my plate to learn are making covered cording to use as piping (and then using it as piping) and using the Inklingo patterns I’ve purchased so I can get started using La Passacaglia as my handwork whenever I’m driving my DH somewhere and waiting for him.

I hope to have done the covered cording and binding in time to take it to my daughter’s on Saturday when we go over there to dogsit.

What new things are you learning?

Quilt on!

One thought on “A Time with Lots of Learning

  1. This is great as it will keep your brain, if not your neck and shoulders, limber. I didn’t know that Christa taught EQ7. That is great. Love the quilt you designed.

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