Dec 21

All’s Well That Ends Well!

Look what came yesterday!

Yes that is my package from Heirloom Quilting with what I purchased with my $100 gift certificate! And the picture below shows exactly what I purchased. Lots of pre-cuts, a yard each of blue and lilac (which I will probably use as if they are neutrals) and lots of batik fat quarters! Yay!

The Fat Quarter Shop enticed me beyond my ability to resist with a big Fairy Frost sale, and 13 one yard cuts of that arrived yesterday also! Now, I just need to start using all of this marvelous fabric!
I was a bit productive yesterday and today, quiltwise that is. (The Christmas tree is still not up and I have not made fudge or cookies or shopped for groceries for the weekend yet!)  I put in a few hours handquilting the big UFO in the basement. When my eyes and fingers got tired from that tonight, I actually sorted some fabric into some of the plastic storage drawers I purchased a month or so ago. Maybe I’ll get the batiks sorted tomorrow!
Quilt on!

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  1. Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet

    What wonderful fabric yummies you have. Don’t feel bad about not having anything done yet, I work at the Post Office and I don’t have anything done either, the house is a mess, the quilt I plan on giving my husband for Christmas is only partly done, my daughter and boyfriend are in the process of moving out, and I am having 12 over for dinner on Sunday………..OH MY!!!!

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