Appliqué Update One

Wow! I have certainly been a blogging slacker this year so far! It’s like it is feast or famine here. Just so you know, I think this week will be a feast week.

You may remember that I planned to spend January checking out my machine stitches that I might be interested in using for machine appliqué and making samples of them. I only got through two stitches and they look pretty much the same. Actually, as far as I can tell, the only difference is that one of the stitches lets you choose much smaller stitch lengths than the other.

This first picture is me trying to figure out the difference between the two stitches (zigzag stitches numbered 07 and 08 on my Brother machine.



Here I finally figured it out! 08 is on the left. 08 only allows the stitch length to go as low as 0.3 which doesn’t produce as filling a satin stitch as I might like. 07, on the other hand, will allow me to go down to 0.0, which I didn’t bother with because I felt like 0.1 was too close and gave me lots of bumps. 08 only allows the stitch width to go down to 2.5 whereas 07 allows for smaller. I only went down to 2.o because I’m pretty sure my accuracy will only allow for that small right now.



This is a closeup of the 07 experiment piece. I forgot to take a Sharpie down with me (and with my ankle I don’t do stairs I don’t have to do) so all the numbers are written in pencil. I do plan to go over them with a sharpie in the future.



And this is the closeup of the 08 piece. Next to one end of the 07.


Quilt on!

3 thoughts on “Appliqué Update One

  1. I keep thinking I need to make a notebook of stitch swatches, but I have too many other “shiny bunnies” distracting me in my studio.

  2. Good work! What a great start! I don’t make my satin stitch really dense. I like it to be a little open and am too impatient to spend that much time on a satin stitch. 😉

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