AQS Grand Rapids Show #4

Here we are with post number four about this year’s Grand Rapids Show. Are you tired of seeing quilts yet? Me neither. Let’s see a few more!

IMG_4623This is Gentle Times by Brenda Whitenight-Edwards of Ruskin, FL. Doesn’t it look gentle?IMG_4624

Blue and white always makes for a calm look, in my opinion. The lovely embroidery helps the gentle feel. And the quilting….

IMG_4625Another look at a little more of this quilt.IMG_4674Here is something a little less calm looking – Pop Art Floral by Deborah Lord Treiber of Granby, CO.  IMG_4665This is Tribute to Antonio Bencivenni by Sandi Cannarella of Beaumont, CA.


This is Kiku by Sandy Clark of Fresno, CA.

IMG_4664Aren’t the borders an interesting shape? I like the colors too.

IMG_4662And the quilting!    IMG_4648

This one is Y Me? Persian Star by Jeanne Jager and Susan Hoffman of Whitehall, MI. Do you suppose the y seams had anything to do with the name?IMG_4641

This is another gorgeous wholecloth quilt by Bethany Nemesh. It is called The Paisley Peacock. Her quilting is always stunning.  IMG_4636

I think this is my favorite patriotic quilt ever! It is Grand Old Flag by Barbara Sehring of Dunlap, IL.


Another gorgeous wholecloth quilt by Laurie Tigner of Rapid City, SD. This one is called Cameo Rose. IMG_4632

Look at all that lovely quilting! IMG_4631 And the stunning center!


This is the last wholecloth I’ll show since they are so much better in person. This one is hand quilted by Elsie Campbell of Ponca City, OK and is named Elegance.  IMG_4816

Look at that hand quilting!IMG_4817

I cannot even imagine how I’d do something like this. I don’t think I can quilt small enough!IMG_4818Yeah, really! By hand!!!!!!!

That’s it for today’s quilts. Come back soon for another round and in the meantime

Quilt on!

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  1. What a lovely variety of quilts you have posted! I do like flag quilts where there is something unique about them. The one you posted with blocks is interesting.

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