AQS Grand Rapids Show #5

Here we are with post number five about the AQS Grand Rapids Show. Will it never end? Well, I guess we will see. I still have pictures but I’m not planning to use all of them. I promise.

IMG_4724This one is pretty amazing. It is Why Not? by Angela Petrocelli of Prescott Valley, AZ. Can’t you just picture her naming it for all the people who asked her, “Why are you working with all those tiny pieces?” So gorgeous and so tempting. (Yes, I really mean that!) I am sorry that the black kind of overshadows some of her gorgeous colors. The picture does not do these colors justice.

IMG_4726This is Father Christmas by Debra Ramsey of Lexington, OH. Not the colors I usually think of when I think of Father Christmas, but a lovely quilt. I believe the Father Christmas blocks look like a Sue Garman design Classic Santas, at least they sure look like it to me. I love the star blocks!

IMG_4688This one is Bewitched by Elizabeth Bauman from Lakewood, OH. I love her use of a Ghastlies pane. for the portraits. And the innovative shape. IMG_4690The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts by Cassandra Ireland Beaver of Urbana, OH. I am not a modern quilter myself, but I adore this.  IMG_4692I don’t think I’d have the patience to do this quilting!IMG_4693And, yes, this is La Passacaglia. This one was made by Lori Buhler of Battle Creek, Michigan. I always like to see versions of quilts I might want to make. This is definitely on my list! IMG_4695And the closeup!

IMG_4718This quilt had me fascinated. This is Birds Fly… by Barbara E. Lies of Wheaton, IL. Those ribbon things are amazing. Here are some closeups.IMG_4723Note the black here. That is the curtain behind the quilt. I’m still trying to figure out how she did that. The more I look at it the more I wonder if the quilt wasn’t quilted in sections and then joined with these pieces. But I still don’t know how she made these pieces.IMG_4722Here is another view. The quilting is pretty awesome also.

IMG_4767I think this one might be the most personal quilt in the show. It is The Road to Jerusalem by Michelle J. Jackson of Winfield, IL. As you can see it is a huge maze. IMG_4768As far as I can tell, this is where you enter the maze.IMG_4769Here is the center of the maze.IMG_4770 Each corner had a word. This one was Seek. The other three are Refuge, Renewal, and Joy (moving clockwise around the quilt.IMG_4774It’s hard to see here, but verses from the Psalms were printed onto the black lines. A very personal quilt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

IMG_4741This is Dotty Daffodil by Sandy Clark of Fresno, CA. There was one of her quilts in yesterday’s post also.IMG_4742

I love the appliqué and the quilting is gorgeous!IMG_4743

More lovely quilting.


Here’s a bright star quilt called Star Burst by Angela Mason of Morganton, NC. We all know I love stars and bright colors! IMG_4781I’m also a fan of the quilting in this white space! (And, apparently, I can’t help but hold my iPhone at an angle when I’m taking pictures so this looks a bit off.)

IMG_4809It occurs to me that I haven’t shown many appliqué quilts. Here is Quintal Vases by Becky Brown of Montpelier, VA. I’m pretty sure this is hand done, at least the quilting most certainly is. IMG_4812Look at that quilting!IMG_4811And the quilting in this border.    IMG_4853This is Spring in February by Inger Blood of Camino, CA. Once I got past the laughter at the idea that spring happens in February (I do live in Michigan, after all), I really fell in love with the springness (what do you mean that’s not a word?) of this quilt. I wouldn’t mind looking at this in February when spring feels so far away here.

IMG_4855And look at that quilting! Sigh.

This has gotten to be quite a long post, and I still have some quilts to show so I guess there is at least one more eye candy post coming.

Quilt on!