AQS Grand Rapids Show #6

This will be the last day of quilt pictures. Really. Honestly. IMG_4707This one is called Nine Lives Animal Shelter by Ann Horton of Redwood Valley, CA. It’s cute and all, but

IMG_4708this little guy who looks so much like my granddog Benson is why I took the pictures. I may or may not have sent them to my DD and DSIL with the caption “Benson on a quilt!”

IMG_4758This stunner is Afternoon Delight by Kathy J. Havelka of Louisburg, KS. This is another one definitely a Sue Garman pattern, a block of the month. And, yes, I really want to make this one. Cost is holding me back for a while, but I wouldn’t be surprised….

IMG_4791Another stunning blue and white quilt! This one is Sarah’s Revival in Blue by Gail H. Smith and Karen C. McTavish of North Barrington, IL. Where are the closeups?

IMG_4793Stunning quilting!IMG_4794More stunning quilting. And just so you know, this is another Sue Garman design. Her version is in red. Apparently I really am a Sue Garman fan.

IMG_4806This one is Odyssey by Julia Wood of Alexander City, AL.  IMG_4808Here’s a bit of a closeup.

IMG_4637Here is Discontinued Pretties by Birgit Schueller of Riegelsberg, Germany. Stunning as hers usually are.IMG_4638A little closeup of her quilting.

IMG_4614Here’s your dose of humor for the day – A Slice of Pi by Connie Kincius Griner of Burlington, NC. The digits of pi are quilted into the borders.

IMG_4874And, finally, here is Technicolor Deco by Shirley Gisi of Colorado Springs, CO. So bright!IMG_4875Some of the quilting up close and personal.IMG_4876More up close and personal.

So that is it for the quilts from my pictures from this show. Believe it or not, these are not all of my pictures!

In the next post, I will discuss some of the things I learned at the show and my purchases. (Don’t hold your breath for those, there are not many. Nothing like last year!)

Quilt on!