AQS Quilt Show – #3

I will not show any of the challenge quilts this year (although I did last year) because none of those quilts were displayed with the creator’s name. If I can’t give credit where credit is due, I will not bother. And, yes, I did comment about that in my evaluation of the show.

I also wish I could show you the quilts from the Lion King Cherrywood Challenge (which, in my opinion was far more varied and interesting than the Wicked Challenge quilts we saw), but according to the program that was a no photo zone (although there were no signs posted to that effect. Same with the Joanie Zeier Poole exhibit and the AQS authors exhibit.

But never fear, the main show had plenty of quilts to drool over!

IMG_4464We will start with Christa Watson‘s quilt Fractured Puzzle. Christa is a fellow Twilter. If you ever need to take an EQ7 class, she is an awesome teacher. She also had a wholecloth quilt in the show, but my picture came out so blurry that I deleted it. Sorry!IMG_4571

This is Stars and Sparks by Judy Mercer Tescher.

IMG_4570Here’s a closeup of some of the sparks and their awesome quilting. IMG_4575

This one is Shadow Boxing by Rebecca Smith of Rapid City, SD. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what award she won.IMG_4580

There is some awesome quilting here in the individual boxes, which is why there are lots of pictures of it!IMG_4579 IMG_4578 IMG_4577IMG_4611This is Momma Loves You Baby by Monica Hancock and Debbie Stanton of Pine, AZ, winner of my Ahhhhhhh! award!

IMG_4613Here is some of the adorable quilting! IMG_4602This is Macintosh Rose by Tim Latimer of Lansing, Michigan. I was delighted to see this in person because I follow his blog and had watched this take shape. It is hand quilted.  IMG_4621When Amy (AKA Amazing Amy) saw this picture, she said, “That looks like a roundabout.” Sure enough, this is Urban planning by Shelley Brooks of Virginia Beach, VA.

More coming soon!

Quilt on!