AQS Show – My Thoughts and Purchases

Just a few thoughts about the show in general.

  1. I wish that AQS had put the names of the people who made the challenge quilts and the names of the quilts instead of just naming the guild and the challenge. I really missed that this year.
  2. It seemed like the Author’s Showcase was smaller this year, and that there may have been fewer vendors.
  3. The space for eating was definitely smaller and there was no dessert stall. I missed that whole dessert thing.
  4. The doughnuts were still awesome for breakfast.
  5. It seemed to be well-attended but not overly crowded.

And here are some great insights I had at various points throughout the show.

  1. Cindy Needham is an awesome teacher.
  2. My machine quilting apparently looks better the next day. I could not understand what Cindy Needham meant when she said it looked like I was doing well and finding a rhythm. To me, it looked like a mishmash. When I looked again the next day, I did see what she meant. IMG_4934
  3. I love to look at all the intricate quilting in the show quilts. I love taking pictures of it. I love looking at the pictures once I’m home. All that being said, I don’t think I would enjoy doing it and don’t see myself headed in that direction. I like soft cuddly quilts. Most of those heavily quilted quilts look stiff. Also, let’s be real. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the patience to do any of that heavy quilting. Or the practice that comes with them.
  4. Oh, I’m not good at quilting curves or loops. It all has points when I do it.
  5. I love getting together with my Twilter friends. Best part of the show!
  6. I forgot to show you the storage on the back of my sewing table! IMG_4941 IMG_4942Now, for the purchases. Don’t get too excited. There wasn’t much. After all, I just purchased sewing furniture.

IMG_4940I bought Cindy Needham’s Ultimate Stencil collection. I actually ordered them and her husband mailed them so they were here a day or two after I got home.

IMG_4950I picked up the Edyta Sitar Specialty Set of Accuquilt Go! dies. I have wanted it since it was announced but this was the lowest price I had yet seen. It is never discounted.

Both of those items were fairly pricey so that was it. Honestly!

Quilt on!

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